Celebrating Zaneta Adams, U.S. Army Veteran

While serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Zaneta was injured when she fell 11ft from an M35 series 2 1/2-ton cargo truck with the rails up. With her spirit persevering, Zaneta overcame the fear and medical diagnosis that she may never walk again. She graduated from Western Michigan Cooley Law School in May 2014 as a Distinguished Law Student and in 2015, she passed the Bar.

Among other things, Zaneta works tirelessly assisting Veterans with their compensation and pension appeals in Muskegon, MI. She is an Adjunct Professor of Veteran’s Law at Western Michigan Cooley Law School and was named a Top 100 Lawyer for the US in 2017.

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Celebrating Brittney Harding, U.S. Air Force

Does Brittney face any struggles as a female in the military? You bet! She says that serving is hard, and that serving as a female is a completely different level of hard. "It is no secret that the armed forces are made up by a male majority. Within my career field, the number of females is even more scarce."  In recognition of Brittney's strength and courage to be in the line of fire, we are treating her to a 1-year subscription to the HelloMissilia box. 
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